Friday, June 29, 2018

American Startup Announces Amenity™ for CPAs and Business Managers

Corporate Legal Professionals and Entertainment Business Managers Alert

(Los Angeles, CA - June 30, 2018) American Startup, Inc. (ASI) announced today that it has launched its incorporation and entity maintenance service platform - Amenity™.

Amenity™ is a proprietary business service package for certified public accountants, investors, banks, and wealth managers featuring a suite of VIP-level incorporation and registered agent services including virtual minute books, shareholder equity tracking and voting, corporate finance tools, and corporate compliance & maintenance monitoring.

Amenity by
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About American Startup: American Startup offers white glove assistance for investors, wealth managers, and other professionals by automating routine entity maintenance and compliance tasks, annual state filings, and serves as your Registered Agent in California and Delaware. Registered Agent service includes filing of annual reports. Stop overpaying for routine entity maintenance and get fast personalized service. Find out more at
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