Thursday, August 16, 2018

Music and Motivation Underwater?

We love sharing new business ideas that entrepreneurs offer, particularly those that greatly impact or benefit humanity. This month, we're looking at a great idea by a woman-owned business.

Get ready to listen to music underwater!  

You heard that right, and we're not talking about dolphin or whale noises.  Thanks to the technological innovators at Zygo, headed up by Sheera Goren, CEO, the Playa Vista, CA startup is making waves in the digital wireless headset industry. 

Zygo recently announced that it's proprietary technology transmits audio through vibrations instead of earbuds, providing a safer and more comfortable solution in aquatic environments. The handheld transmitter broadcasts high-quality audio up to 3 feet below the surface at a distance of at least 50m making it perfect for above water to below water communications.  Above water, it’s over half a mile and we can see how this use can be extremely critical for search and rescue operations in marine environments. Take that Meg! 

The anticipated retail price of $225 (USD) includes the headset and transmitter and comes with a free App now available on the Apple App store.  While no launch or order fulfillment date has been announced, you can sign-up at to get on the wait list. 

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